Computer Science
EECS 280 Programming and Data Structures
EECS 281 Data Structures and Algorithms
EECS 370 Intro to Computer Organization
EECS 376 Fundamentals of Computer Science
EECS 388 Intro to Computer Security
EECS 481 Software Engineering
EECS 482 Intro to Operating Systems
EECS 494 Computer Game Design
MATH 215 Calculus III
MATH 216 Calculus IV
PHYSICS 140 Mechanical Physics
PHYSICS 240 Electrical and Magnetic Physics
EECS 203 Discrete Math
STATS 250 Introduction to Statistics
Intellectual Breadth
PHIL 196 Intro to Cognitive Science
HISTART 344 Early Medieval Art
RELIGION 258 The Bible as Literature
ARTDES 372 Video Games