Games Jam
These games were made at either 48 or 42 hour Games Jams hosted by WolverineSoft, the game development club at the University of Michigan. The games were made in groups of 4.
Small Fry's Big Adventure
Small Fry's Big Adventure is a 2D puzzle platformer which including 3 mini-games.
The Horsemanless Head
The Horsemanless Head is a platformer race against the clock.
Dungeon Duos
Dungeon Duos is a 2-player cooperative dungeon crawler.
Rift Raft
Rift Raft is a 2 player fighting game using the environment to battle.
The Tired Traveler
The Tired Traveler is and endless climber where users compete for a high score.
Compensation Work
The World Below was made for Nicole Cischke, for her Senior Thesis Project for Art and Design. I also developed games for ExNinja Interactive, a company started by a professor at the University of Michigan.
Nicole Cischke
The World Below is a 2D side scrolling video game influenced by Filipino mythology and folklore.
ExNinja Interactive
I worked on refactoring a small meditation game, and adding ads to an iOS game called Ledbetter.
EECS 481: Software Engineering
EECS 481 is a major design experience class at the University of Michigan. We were tasked with making a software application for a visually impaired highschool student.
Audio Cue Video Games
ACVG is an iOS application consisting of a group of games designed for those who are visually impaired.
EECS 494: Video Game Design
EECS 494 is the Game Development class at the University of Michigan. The games were made as prototypes in short time periods over the course of a semester.
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds is a 2 player cooperative game where each player controls half of a robot pretending to be a human.
Blockade is a puzzle game in which you control the environment instead of the character.
A parter and I attempted to recreate the first dungeon of the original Legend of Zelda.